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Saturated  by Night Acrylic on 100 lbs paper framed 24x48 SOLD

Michael is always seeing his world evolving around him! He loves to share this with everyone that has an open mind. Follow him at his site to see his work transform before your eyes.

             Still life in a glass Acrylic on100lbs paper 24x36 SOLD

Michael's art  is a volcanic explosion of vibrant colors. He started at a young age influenced by a 19th century master named Marc Chagall. He first saw his works at the Art Institue of Chicago, Illinois. It was history from that moment on he knew what he wanted to do.

He studied fine arts as well as advertising and design in college and worked as an art restorer for a many companies in Illinois. From there he became a Gallery Director selling art from around the world while maintaining his painting, which was inspired by the artists that he met.

Michael  has also sold his sculptures and paintings for more than a decade. His clients enjoy his use of bright, vivid colors which create non-discriminating  images of people, still lifes and landscapes. These pieces have touched their hearts in a unique, warm fashion.  Michael has once stated that an artist will remain immortal through his or her work, forever.

Please contact the artist by email at for ordering or customizing art questions that will fit the needs of your environment. Prices on  prints and or art, will not include framing.  Shipping cost will vary due to were it is needed to be sent. All  prints are executed on acid free five star card stock.

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2011  Exhibits at .......Agora Art Gallery in Chelsea, New York 

2011  Exhibits at .......Paul Henry"s Art Gallery Hammond, In 

2010  Exhibits at.......Geneva Art Gallery Geneva,Il One Man Show Sold Out

2009  Exhibits at.......Naperville Illinois Artifacts Art Gallery One Man Show Sold Out 

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